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About Tutoring

If your child is struggling in certain subjects, private tutoring lessons provide an excellent opportunity to bridge the gap. The reasons behind the need for these lessons may vary, but the solution remains consistent. Private and tutoring lessons guarantee a swift upgrade of your child's knowledge, significantly improving performance. Once the knowledge level reaches the desired point, your child can choose to continue with tutoring or return to regular educational institutions or group lessons. While the latter options are generally more cost-effective, they lack the personal attention that a private tutor can provide.


In other words, tutoring is a praised means to learn quickly and is an extremely effective route to enhance language skills. My lessons are entirely tailored to the individual learner's needs, the schedule is flexible, and the student has a say in the number of lessons to follow.


My Students


My students are individuals who recognize the value of one-on-one education and appreciate the worth of customised lessons that perfectly align with their needs and goals. Additionally, my students are people who require flexibility in their lesson hours.


My Mission


I have set myself the goal of helping my students express themselves in Dutch, English, or Spanish. I want them to enjoy the learning process and experience the satisfaction of achieving this milestone.


Rates and Payment


All lessons must be paid in advance. Payments can be made in cash, through Dutch ING Bank, via PayPal, or by transfer to Tibisay Tutoring's account in Curaçao, indicating the student's name.


Banking Details in Curaçao


Bank: MCB

Account Holder: Tibisay Tutoring

Account Number: 28979907

Description: Tutoring (Student's Name)




1 hour – 40 euros

10 hours – 350 euros

20 hours – 600 euros

Contact Information


For information on lesson times or special offers for residents of Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten, and the BES islands, you can reach me by phone: (+5999) 6729347. You can also email for further questions. I am ready to help you achieve your learning goals.


1 hour 0ne-on-one Tutoring Session 

40 euros


10 hours of 0ne-on-one Tutoring Session 

350 euros


20 hours of 0ne-on-one Tutoring Session 

600 euros

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