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E-book Essential Dutch

The E-book is Available!

🌟 Unlock Dutch Fluency with "Essential Dutch: Your Quick Start Guide to Learning Nederlands!" 🌟

Embark on an exciting linguistic journey with "Essential Dutch," your key to mastering the Nederlands language effortlessly! Whether you're a traveller, student, or language enthusiast, this e-book is your passport to exploring Dutch culture and connecting with Dutch speakers.

📘 What's Inside:

  • 📚 Grammar Essentials: Master the fundamental grammar rules to build a strong foundation for your language skills.

  • 📖 Vocabulary Building: Acquire a rich vocabulary tailored for real-life conversations and interactions.


🌐 Why "Essential Dutch":

  • 🚀 Quick Start: Jumpstart your Dutch learning journey with a comprehensive and beginner-friendly guide.

  • 🤝 Connection: Connect with Dutch speakers effortlessly, whether you're travelling, studying, or making new friends.

  • 🌍 Cultural Exploration: Immerse yourself in Dutch culture with language skills beyond the basics.

📆 Order Now and Dive into Dutch! 

🎁 Exclusive Bonus: Join our Essential Dutch Facebook Support Group for additional resources, practice sessions, and a community of language learners! 


🔗 Get Your Copy and Join the Dutch Learning Adventure: 

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🌷 Discover the Beauty of Dutch Language and Culture with "Essential Dutch"! 🌷

Tibisay Tutoring’s Homeschool Planner

The Tibisay Tutoring's Homeschool Planner is available!

Schermafbeelding 2024-01-19 om 16.06.33.png

Tibisay Tutoring’s Homeschool Planner is your comprehensive toolkit for an organized and successful homeschooling journey! 📚✨

🍎 What's Inside:

  • School Year Preparation: Lay the foundation for a productive academic year with detailed preparation insights.

  • Weekly and Monthly Planners: Stay on top of your schedule with clear weekly and monthly overviews.

  • Monthly Planner Month by Month: Dive deep into each month's unique academic landscape with specialized planners.

  • Lesson Planners: Craft engaging and effective lessons seamlessly.

  • Academic Progress Reports: Track your student's growth and achievements throughout the year.

  • Reading Log: Foster a love for reading with a dedicated log to keep literary adventures in check.

  • Field Trip Log: Document educational outings for a holistic learning experience.

  • Curriculum Planner: Strategically plan and organize your curriculum for an enriching academic journey.

  • Homeschool Season Planner: Navigate the seasons of homeschooling with purpose and ease.

  • Booklist per Subject: Tailor your reading materials to complement each subject perfectly.


With 86 pages of carefully curated tools, Tibisay's Tutoring Homeschool Planner is your partner in creating an enriching and well-organized learning environment. Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or just starting the journey, this planner is designed to make your life easier and your homeschooling adventure a triumph!

Embark on a year of academic excellence with Tibisay's Tutoring Homeschool Planner – where organization meets inspiration! 🌟🏡

Online Video Course Essential Dutch 

Pre-orders are now open, and the course will be ready to bloom this spring!

First of May

🌟 Embark on Your Dutch Learning Journey with "Essential Dutch: Video Course Edition!" 🌟

🎬 What's Inside the Course:

  • 🗣️ Interactive Conversations: Dive into practical dialogues to enhance your speaking skills and build confidence in real-life scenarios.

  • 📚 Visual Grammar Lessons: Master fundamental grammar rules through engaging video lessons that simplify complex concepts.

  • 📖 Dynamic Vocabulary Sessions: Explore a rich vocabulary with immersive video sessions designed for effective and lasting learning.


🚀 Why Choose the Video Course?:

  • 🤩 Visual Learning: Absorb Dutch effortlessly through visual aids, examples, and interactive content.

  • 🎓 Comprehensive Curriculum: Enjoy a complete learning experience with in-depth coverage of grammar, and vocabulary.

  • 🌐 Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in Dutch culture with videos that go beyond language, providing insights into customs and traditions.


📆 Preorder Your Video Course Now and Start Speaking Dutch with Confidence this spring!

🎁 Exclusive Access: Enroll now and gain access to our Essential Dutch Video Course Facebook Group for additional support, practice sessions, and a community of fellow learners!

🔗 Secure Your Spot and Begin Your Dutch Learning Adventure: 

🌷 Experience the Dutch Language and Culture through "Essential Dutch: Video Course Edition" 🌷

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