Why tutoring?

If your child hasn't gained enough knowledge as a student in a particular course, this "lack" can be very well filled with private lessons or tutoring. The reasons why these lessons are needed can be diverse but the solution is always the same. Private lessons or tutoring ensures that your child is going to achieve quickly the right level of knowledge and the results will be going forward with leaps. When the knowledge is  'on the level', your child can, of course, continue to take personal lessons but can also go to classes within mainstream education or in a group. This is often cheaper, but your child will be missing the personal attention that a tutor can offer the student.

About me

My name is Tibisay Felida. I have studied Spanish language and literature at the University of Amsterdam. I have been tutoring for more than 20 years and have been teaching English and Spanish since 2005.

About my classes

My classes are an individual course in which I am in charge of the learning process. Tutoring is the fastest way of learning, and the most effective way to improve your knowledge in a language. My classes are fully customized, the schedule is very flexible and the student decides how many lessons he or she wants to take.

My students

My students are people who value convenience and advantages of having a teacher only for him or her and to whom it is worthwhile to have someone to design classes specifically for their needs and goals. My students are also people who like to have flexibility in hours.

My mission

My mission is to help my students achieve the goal of learning to express himself or herself in Dutch, English or Spanish and all the pleasure and satisfaction that comes to with this achievement.

Address Tibisay Tutoring

Kaya Kokolishi 52


Willemstad, Curacao

Classes via Skype

Those who prefer it, can have tuition via Skype.


All lessons have to be paid in advance. This can be done in cash, with Paypal (for the online students in euros) or on the account of Tibisay Tutoring by putting the name of the student on the description.

Payment information:

Bank: MCB

Account name: Tibisay Tutoring

Account number: 28979907

Description: Tutoring (Name of the student)


The price per hour depends on the chosen package.


1 hour       Naf 50 per hour.

10 hours  Naf 450 so Naf 45 per hour.

20 hours Naf 800 so Naf 40 per hour.


To inquire about the available hours you can contact me by phone (005999) 6729347 or via the form below.

Tutoring through Skype or other online platforms

Tibisay Online Tutoring provides one-on-one guidance in the subjects Dutch, English and Spanish for students in elementary and middle school. As a study coach, I am familiar with most of the stumbling blocks that today's students encounter.

I make sure that pupils and students are prepared and that they are confident in the subject that they have trouble with. Some students and parents like the fact that their children can be helped with their homework and tests in the comfort of their own home.

If you want to get classes from the comfort of your own home in Dutch, English or Spanish on Skype, it wants to give you this possibility. To make an appointment to get Skype tutoring, please contact by sending me a message to 005 999 6729347.

Online tutoring costs 25 euros per hour.

House Rules

Tibisay Tutoring is a company. To be able to do my job well, I went to university, did an internship and built up years of experience.

I have to organize my time well to help all students.

As a company I have to pay taxes; I have an accountant and all sorts of other expenses. I have to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that as few mistakes as possible are made. That is only possible if everyone abides by the rules.

These are my house rules. Those who do not consider themselves capable of following these rules are not welcome at Tibisay Tutoring. 

If you go move on, you can easily find another company where you can get tutored.